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    SubjectPROBLEM: i915 modesetting - weird offset graphics (v2.6.37-rc1-27-gff8b16d)

    I upgraded the userspace on my EeePC 1015PEM netbook to the latest
    Fedora (F15) rawhide and booted a custom kernel in order to test both
    the RC1 and also see if the now in-staging brcm80211 behaves better (it
    doesn't, it still can't survive suspend at all, separate issue though).

    The xrandr output is identical in both case, showing a mode of 1024x600
    being the one that X is currently using. Booting with i915 modesetting
    disabled does avoid the weird offset but of course X doesn't start. I
    can bisect this if there isn't already some suggestions from the
    audience, in particular is to what debug information you need.

    Kernel: v2.6.37-rc1-27-gff8b16d


    Said system will likely be at plumbers in the am...


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