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    SubjectLinux 2.6.37-rc4
    As suspected, spending most of the week in Japan made some kernel
    developers break out in gleeful shouts of "let's send Linus patches
    when he is jet-lagged, and see if we can confuse him even more than
    usual". As a result -rc4 has about twice the commits that -rc3 had.

    Why am I not surprised?

    That said, it's still not huge by historical standards. In fact, in
    the 2.6.3x series, only 2.6.31 had fewer commits (286 to 393) in its
    -rc3. So things have been reasonably calm.

    By pure number of lines, the most noticeable updates were to the tile
    architecture and the SiS fbcon driver (40% and 10% respectively). The
    rest is mostly random noise all around (half drivers, half elsewhere).

    The most _noticeable_ change is that hopefully the NFS readdir
    regression really got fixed now. And btrfs has a number of fixes, many
    of them apparently found by xfsqa.

    Other than that? The shortlog probably gives a reasonable view into
    the random small changes (mostly one-liners, the diffstat really looks
    fairly nice and flat apart from the tile and sisfb changes)

    So give it a try, and report any regressions you see,


    Aaro Koskinen (9):
    sisfb: delete obsolete PCI ROM bug workaround
    sisfb: delete fallback code for pci_map_rom()
    sisfb: delete dead SIS_XORG_XF86 code
    sisfb: delete redudant #define SIS_LINUX_KERNEL
    sisfb: use CONFIG_FB_SIS_301/315 instead of SIS301/315H
    sisfb: remove InPort/OutPort wrappers
    sisfb: replace SiS_SetMemory with memset_io
    sisfb: move the CONFIG warning to sis_main.c
    sisfb: delete osdef.h

    Abhijith Das (1):
    GFS2: Userland expects quota limit/warn/usage in 512b blocks

    Abhilash Kesavan (3):
    ARM: S3C24XX: Fix Demux error in UART3 irqs on S3C2443 and S3C2416
    ARM: S3C24XX: Fix UART3 submask on S3C2416 and S3C2443
    ARM: S5PV210: Fix sysdev related warning messages

    Alan Stern (1):
    USB: EHCI: fix obscure race in ehci_endpoint_disable

    Alberto Panizzo (1):
    mach-pcm037_eet: Fix section mismatch for eet_init_devices()

    Alex Shi (1):
    sched: Fix volanomark performance regression

    Alexey Dobriyan (1):
    tcp: restrict net.ipv4.tcp_adv_win_scale (#20312)

    Anand Gadiyar (1):
    ARM: 6484/1: fix compile warning in mm/init.c

    Anders Kaseorg (1):
    module: Update prototype for ref_module (formerly use_module)

    Andiry Xu (3):
    xHCI: release spinlock when setup interrupt
    xHCI: fix wMaxPacketSize mask
    USB: EHCI: AMD periodic frame list table quirk

    Andreas Mohr (1):
    ALSA: azt3328: period bug fix (for PA), add missing ACK on stop timer

    Andrew Morton (1):
    arch/x86/include/asm/fixmap.h: mark __set_fixmap_offset as __always_inline

    Anupam Chanda (1):
    e1000: fix screaming IRQ

    Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (1):
    perf record: Handle restrictive permissions in /proc/{kallsyms,modules}

    Arnd Hannemann (1):
    fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdcfb: fix bug in reconfig()

    Arne Jansen (1):
    btrfs: Fix early enospc because 'unused' calculated with wrong sign.

    Arun Bharadwaj (1):
    Pure nfs client performance using odirect.

    Axel Lin (27):
    ASoC: Fix snd_soc_register_dais error handling
    mmc: ushc: Return proper error code for ushc_probe()
    ASoC: Return proper error if snd_soc_register_dais fails in
    USB: isp1362-hcd - fix section mismatch warning
    ASoC: uda134x - set reg_cache_default to uda134x_reg
    ASoC: stac9766 - set reg_cache_default to stac9766_reg
    EDAC, MCE: Fix edac_init_mce_inject error handling
    ASoC: Do not update the cache if write to hardware failed
    ASoC: max98088 - fix a memory leak
    ASoC: wm8904 - fix memory leaks
    ASoC: wm8994 - fix memory leaks
    ASoC: wm8961 - clear WM8961_DACSLOPE bit for normal mode
    ASoC: wm8961 - clear WM8961_MCLKDIV bit for freq <= 16500000
    ASoC: Return proper error for omap3pandora_soc_init
    ASoC: nuc900-ac97: fix a memory leak
    drivers/misc/isl29020.c: remove incorrect kfree in isl29020_remove()
    ASoC: Call snd_soc_unregister_dais instead of
    snd_soc_unregister_dai in sh4_soc_dai_remove
    ASoC: efika-audio-fabric: fix resource leak in efika_fabric_init
    error path
    ASoC: pcm030-audio-fabric: fix resource leak in
    pcm030_fabric_init error path
    ASoC: snd-soc-afeb9260: remove unneeded platform_device_del in error path
    ASoC: sam9g20_wm8731: fix resource leak in at91sam9g20ek_init error path
    ASoC: simone: fix resource leak in simone_init error path
    ASoC: imx-ssi: fix resource leak
    ASoC: phycore-ac97: fix resource leak
    ASoC: davinci-vcif - fix a memory leak
    ASoC: tlv320aic3x - fix variable may be used uninitialized warning
    ASoC: Fix resource reclaim for osk5912

    Baruch Siach (1):
    mx25: fix spi device registration typo

    Bastian Blank (1):
    xen/evtchn: Fix name of Xen event-channel device

    Ben Hutchings (1):
    atl1c: Fix hardware type check for enabling OTP CLK

    Breno Leitao (1):
    ehea: Add some info messages and fix an issue

    Casey Leedom (1):
    cxgb4vf: fix setting unicast/multicast addresses ...

    Chris Mason (4):
    Btrfs: add migrate page for metadata inode
    Btrfs: avoid NULL pointer deref in try_release_extent_buffer
    Btrfs: deal with DIO bios that span more than one ordered extent
    Btrfs: don't use migrate page without CONFIG_MIGRATION

    Chris Metcalf (6):
    MAINTAINERS: add drivers/char/hvc_tile.c as maintained by tile
    arch/tile: fix rwlock so would-be write lockers don't block new readers
    drivers/net/tile/: on-chip network drivers for the tile architecture
    pci root complex: support for tile architecture
    arch/tile: make glibc's sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF) work correctly
    arch/tile: fix memchr() not to dereference memory for zero length

    Chris Paulson-Ellis (1):
    ASoC: davinci: fixes for multi-component

    Christian Lamparter (1):
    carl9170: fix virtual interface setup crash

    Cyrill Gorcunov (1):
    net, ppp: Report correct error code if unit allocation failed

    Daisuke Nishimura (1):
    memcg: avoid deadlock between move charge and try_charge()

    Dan Carpenter (4):
    fbcmap: cleanup white space in fb_alloc_cmap()
    fbcmap: integer overflow bug
    UBI: release locks in check_corruption
    nilfs2: nilfs_iget_for_gc() returns ERR_PTR

    Dan Rosenberg (1):
    DECnet: don't leak uninitialized stack byte

    Daniel Drake (2):
    mmc: sdhci: Properly enable SDIO IRQ wakeups
    lxfb: Program panel v/h sync output polarity correctly

    Daniel Klaffenbach (1):
    ssb: b43-pci-bridge: Add new vendor for BCM4318

    Daniel T Chen (3):
    ALSA: ac97: Apply quirk for Dell Latitude D610 binding Master
    and Headphone controls
    ALSA: hda: Add Samsung R720 SSID for subwoofer pin fixup
    ALSA: hda: Use hp-laptop quirk to enable headphones automute for Asus A52J

    Darius Augulis (1):
    ARM: S3C64XX: fix uart clock setup for mini6410/real6410

    Darrick J. Wong (1):
    md: Call blk_queue_flush() to establish flush/fua support

    Dave Airlie (1):
    Revert "debug_locks: set oops_in_progress if we will log messages."

    David Daney (3):
    phylib: Use common page register definition for Marvell PHYs.
    phylib: Add support for Marvell 88E1149R devices.
    of/phylib: Use device tree properties to initialize Marvell PHYs.

    David Henningsson (2):
    ALSA: HDA: Enable digital mic on IDT 92HD87B
    ALSA: HDA: Add an extra DAC for Realtek ALC887-VD

    David S. Miller (1):
    tcp: Make TCP_MAXSEG minimum more correct.

    David Sterba (1):
    mm: remove call to find_vma in pagewalk for non-hugetlbfs

    Denis Kuplyakov (1):
    ALSA: hda - Fix Acer 7730G support

    Dimitri Sivanich (1):
    x86: UV: Address interrupt/IO port operation conflict

    Dimitris Papastamos (1):
    ASoC: WM8776: Removed unneeded struct member

    Dmitry Artamonow (1):
    ASoC: fix SND_PXA2XX_LIB Kconfig warning

    Don Zickus (1):
    x86, perf, nmi: Disable perf if counters are not accessible

    Eric Bénard (2):
    mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: fix timeout on i.MX's sdhci
    mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: enable QUIRK_NO_MULTIBLOCK only for i.MX25
    and i.MX35

    Eric Dumazet (3):
    net: allow GFP_HIGHMEM in __vmalloc()
    af_unix: limit unix_tot_inflight
    af_unix: limit recursion level

    Felix Fietkau (1):
    ath9k: fix timeout on stopping rx dma

    Filip Aben (1):
    hso: fix disable_net

    Florian Fainelli (1):
    ALSA: sound/mixart: avoid redefining {readl,write}_{le,be} accessors

    Frederic Weisbecker (2):
    x86: Ignore trap bits on single step exceptions
    reiserfs: fix inode mutex - reiserfs lock misordering

    Gerrit Renker (1):
    dccp: fix error in updating the GAR

    Giuseppe CAVALLARO (3):
    sh: avoid to flush all cache in sys_cacheflush
    sh: fix vsyscall compilation due to .eh_frame issue
    sh: Use GCC __builtin_prefetch() to implement prefetch().

    Greg Kroah-Hartman (8):
    USB: atm: ueagle-atm: fix up some permissions on the sysfs files
    USB: ehci: fix debugfs 'lpm' permissions
    USB: storage: sierra_ms: fix sysfs file attribute
    USB: misc: cypress_cy7c63: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
    USB: misc: trancevibrator: fix up a sysfs attribute permission
    USB: misc: usbled: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
    USB: misc: usbsevseg: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
    USB: OTG: langwell_otg: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions

    Greg Thelen (1):
    ioprio: grab rcu_read_lock in sys_ioprio_{set,get}()

    Guennadi Liakhovetski (2):
    mmc: fix rmmod race for hosts using card-detection polling
    wireless: b43: fix error path in SDIO

    Guenter Roeck (2):
    hwmon: (i5k_amb) Fix compile warning
    hwmon: (lis3lv02d_i2c) Fix compile warnings

    Heiko Carstens (1):
    [S390] nmi: fix clock comparator revalidation

    Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski (1):
    ALSA: hda - Fix ALC660-VD/ALC861-VD capture/playback mixers

    Huang Weiyi (1):
    xen: remove duplicated #include

    Ian Campbell (3):
    xen: implement XENMEM_machphys_mapping
    xen: make evtchn's name less generic
    xen: x86/32: perform initial startup on initial_page_table

    Ian Kent (1):
    Btrfs - fix race between btrfs_get_sb() and umount

    Jacob Pan (1):
    mmc: sdhci: Fix crash on boot with C0 stepping Moorestown platforms

    James Jones (1):
    ARM: 6482/2: Fix find_next_zero_bit and related assembly

    Jan Beulich (2):
    xen/evtchn: clear secondary CPUs' cpu_evtchn_mask[] after restore
    x86-64: Fix and clean up AMD Fam10 MMCONF enabling

    Jan Glauber (1):
    [S390] qdio: free indicator after reset is finished

    Janusz Krzysztofik (1):
    ASoC: OMAP: fix OMAP1 compilation problem

    Jason Wessel (1):
    perf,hw_breakpoint: Initialize hardware api earlier

    Jens Axboe (1):
    cciss: fix build for PROC_FS disabled

    Jeremy Fitzhardinge (18):
    xen/evtchn: track enabled state for each port
    xen/evtchn: dynamically allocate port_user array
    xen/evtchn: ports start enabled
    xen/evtchn: remove spurious barrier
    xen/evtchn: don't do unbind_from_irqhandler under spinlock
    xen/evtchn: add missing static
    xen/blkfront: map REQ_FLUSH into a full barrier
    xen/blkfront: change blk_shadow.request to proper pointer
    xen/blkfront: Implement FUA with BLKIF_OP_WRITE_BARRIER
    xen/blkfront: cope with backend that fail empty
    xen/xenfs: update xenfs_mount for new prototype
    xen/events: use locked set|clear_bit() for cpu_evtchn_mask
    Revert "xen/privcmd: create address space to allow writable mmaps"
    xen/evtchn: the evtchn device is non-seekable
    xen: add extra pages to balloon
    xen/balloon: the balloon_lock is useless
    xen/balloon: make sure we only include remaining extra ram
    xen: re-enable boot-time ballooning

    Jesper Juhl (2):
    sound/oss: Remove unnecessary casts of void ptr
    ASoC: MPC5200: Eliminate duplicate include of of_device.h

    Jesse Marroquin (1):
    ASoC: Add support for MAX98089 CODEC

    Jiri Slaby (2):
    Char: virtio_console, fix memory leak
    NET: wan/x25_asy, move lapb_unregister to x25_asy_close_tty

    Joe Perches (4):
    sound/oss/dev_table.c: Use vzalloc
    ALSA: sound/ppc: Use printf extension %pR for struct resource
    ALSA: sound/core/pcm_lib.c: Remove unnecessary semicolons
    ALSA: sound/pci/asihpi/hpioctl.c: Remove unnecessary casts of

    John Fastabend (1):
    ipv6: fix missing in6_ifa_put in addrconf

    Josef Bacik (11):
    Btrfs: handle the space_cache option properly
    Btrfs: handle NFS lookups properly
    Btrfs: fix more ESTALE problems with NFS
    Btrfs: use dget_parent where we can UPDATED
    Btrfs: hold i_mutex when calling btrfs_log_dentry_safe
    Btrfs: make btrfs_add_nondir take parent inode as an argument
    Btrfs: fix typo in fallocate to make it honor actual size
    Btrfs: make sure new inode size is ok in fallocate
    Btrfs: update inode ctime when using links
    Btrfs: fix fiemap
    Btrfs: setup blank root and fs_info for mount time

    Josh Wu (1):
    USB: gadget: AT91: fix typo in atmel_usba_udc driver

    Julia Lawall (1):
    ALSA: sound/pci/ctxfi/ctpcm.c: Remove potential for use after free

    Justin Maggard (1):
    md: fix return value of rdev_size_change()

    KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki (1):
    mm/page_alloc.c: fix build_all_zonelist() where percpu_alloc()
    is wrongly called under stop_machine_run()

    Kailang Yang (3):
    ALSA: hda - Fixed ALC887-VD initial error
    ALSA: hda - Fix wrong ALC269 variant check
    ALSA: hda - Identify more variants for ALC269

    Ken Sumrall (1):
    fuse: fix attributes after open(O_TRUNC)

    Kevin Hilman (1):
    OMAP: UART: don't resume UARTs that are not enabled.

    Kirill A. Shutemov (1):
    memcg: fix false positive VM_BUG on non-SMP

    Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (2):
    xen: set IO permission early (before early_cpu_init())
    xen/events: Use PIRQ instead of GSI value when unmapping MSI/MSI-X irqs.

    Kukjin Kim (1):
    ARM: S3C24XX: Fix wrong s3c_gpio_cfgpull

    Kuninori Morimoto (6):
    ARM: mach-shmobile: clock-sh7372: remove fsidiv bogus disable
    ARM: mach-shmobile: ap4evb: FSI clock use proper process for HDMI
    ARM: mach-shmobile: ap4evb: FSI clock use proper process for ak4642
    ARM: mach-shmobile: clock-sh7372: modify error code
    ARM: mach-shmobile: clock-sh7372: remove unnecessary fsi clocks
    ARM: mach-shmobile: clock-sh7372: remove bogus pllc2 clock toggling.

    Li Zefan (3):
    btrfs: Check if dest_offset is block-size aligned before cloning file
    btrfs: Set file size correctly in file clone
    btrfs: Show device attr correctly for symlinks

    Linus Torvalds (4):
    Rename 'pipe_info()' to 'get_pipe_info()'
    Export 'get_pipe_info()' to other users
    Un-inline get_pipe_info() helper function
    Linux 2.6.37-rc4

    Linus Walleij (1):
    ARM: 6488/1: nomadik: prevent sched_clock() wraparound

    Loïc Minier (1):
    include/linux/fs.h: fix userspace build

    Magnus Damm (1):
    ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7372 USB0/IIC1 MSTP fix

    Manoj Iyer (1):
    ALSA: hda - Enable jack sense for Thinkpad Edge 11

    Marek Belisko (1):
    ASoC: s3c24xx: Fix compilation problem for mini2440

    Mariusz Kozlowski (1):
    btrfs: make 1-bit signed fileds unsigned

    Mark Brown (8):
    ASoC: Check return value of strict_strtoul() in WM8962
    ASoC: Lock the CODEC in PXA external jack controls
    ASoC: Remove broken WM8350 direction constants
    ASoC: Ensure sane WM835x AIF configuration by default
    ASoC: Fix dapm_seq_compare() for multi-component
    ASoC: Fix register cache setup WM8994 for multi-component
    ASoC: Fix multi-component mismerge in WM8523
    ASoC: Restore WM8994 volatile and readable register operations

    Masami Hiramatsu (1):
    x86/kprobes: Prevent kprobes to probe on save_args()

    Matthew Garrett (1):
    tpm: Autodetect itpm devices

    Mel Gorman (1):
    scripts: fix gfp-translate for recent changes to gfp.h

    Miao Xie (3):
    btrfs: fix free dip and dip->csums twice
    btrfs: cleanup duplicate bio allocating functions
    btrfs: fix panic caused by direct IO

    Michael S. Tsirkin (2):
    virtio: return correct capacity to users
    vhost/net: fix rcu check usage

    Michal Hocko (1):
    cgroups: make swap accounting default behavior configurable

    Mike Frysinger (1):
    fbdev: da8xx: punt duplicated FBIO_WAITFORVSYNC define

    MyungJoo Ham (1):
    ARM: 6490/1: MM: bugfix: initialize spinlock for init_mm.context

    Nagendra Tomar (1):
    inet: Fix __inet_inherit_port() to correctly increment bsockets
    and num_owners

    Naoya Horiguchi (1):
    pagemap: set pagemap walk limit to PMD boundary

    NeilBrown (1):
    md/raid1: really fix recovery looping when single good device fails.

    Nicolas Kaiser (1):
    SuperH IrDA: correct Baud rate error correction

    Nikhil Rao (1):
    sched: Fix idle balancing

    Ohad Ben-Cohen (2):
    mmc: sdio: fix nasty oops in mmc_sdio_detect
    mmc: sdio: fix runtime PM anomalies by introducing MMC_CAP_POWER_OFF_CARD

    Paul Mundt (5):
    sh: clkfwk: Kill off unused clk_set_rate_ex().
    sh: clkfwk: Kill off now unused algo_id in set_rate op.
    sh: clkfwk: Disable init clk op for non-legacy clocks.
    MAINTAINERS: Add fbdev patchwork entry, tidy up file patterns.
    sh: clkfwk: Build fix for non-legacy CPG changes.

    Paul Walmsley (1):
    OMAP2+: PM/serial: hold console semaphore while OMAP UARTs are disabled

    Pavel Emelyanov (1):
    netns: Don't leak others' openreq-s in proc

    Per Fransson (1):
    ARM: 6473/1: Small update to ux500 specific L2 cache code

    Peter Rosin (1):
    ALSA: AT73C213: Rectify misleading comment.

    Peter Zijlstra (4):
    perf: Fix owner-list vs exit
    perf, x86: Fixup Kconfig deps
    perf: Fix the software context switch counter
    powerpc: Use call_rcu_sched() for pagetables

    Phil Blundell (3):
    econet: disallow NULL remote addr for sendmsg(), fixes CVE-2010-3849
    econet: fix CVE-2010-3850
    econet: fix CVE-2010-3848

    Philip Rakity (2):
    mmc: Fix printing of card DDR type
    mmc: sdhci: 8-bit bus width changes

    Rabin Vincent (1):
    perf symbols: Remove incorrect open-coded container_of()

    Rakib Mullick (1):
    x86, hw_nmi: Move backtrace_mask declaration under ARCH_HAS_NMI_WATCHDOG

    Randy Dunlap (2):
    xen: fix header export to userspace
    dmar, x86: Use function stubs when CONFIG_INTR_REMAP is disabled

    Raoul Bhatia (1):
    EDAC: Fix typos in Documentation/edac.txt (1):
    sgi-xpc: XPC fails to discover partitions with all nasids above 128

    Russell King (4):
    ARM: improve compiler's ability to optimize page tables
    ARM: avoid marking decompressor .stack section as having contents
    SCSI: arm fas216: fix missing ';'
    ARM: avoid annoying <4>'s in printk output

    Ryan Mallon (1):
    Fix Atmel soc audio boards Kconfig dependency

    Ryusuke Konishi (1):
    nilfs2: fix typo in comment of nilfs_dat_move function

    Samu Onkalo (6):
    drivers/leds/leds-lp5521.c: change some macros to functions
    drivers/leds/leds-lp5523.c: change some macros to functions
    drivers/leds/leds-lp5521.c: adjust delays and add comments to them
    drivers/leds/leds-lp5523.c: adjust delays and add comments to them
    drivers/leds/leds-lp5521.c: perform SW reset before detection
    drivers/leds/leds-lp5523.c: perform SW reset before detection

    Sarah Sharp (2):
    xhci: Remove excessive printks with shared IRQs.
    xhci: Fix command ring replay after resume.

    Sascha Hauer (10):
    ASoC i.MX eukrea tlv320: Fix for multicomponent
    ASoC i.MX phycore ac97: remove unnecessary includes
    ASoC i.MX: register dma audio device
    ASoC i.MX: switch to new DMA api
    phycore-ac97: add ac97 to cardname
    ARM mx3fb: check for DMA engine type
    ARM i.MX: sdma is merged, so remove #ifdef SDMA_IS_MERGED
    ARM i.MX pcm037 eet: compile fixes
    ARM i.MX spi: fix compilation for i.MX21
    ARM i.MX27 eukrea: Fix compilation

    Sergey Senozhatsky (1):
    posix-cpu-timers: Rcu_read_lock/unlock protect find_task_by_vpid call

    Sergio Aguirre (1):
    irq_work: Drop cmpxchg() result

    Simon Horman (1):
    bonding: change list contact to

    Sonny Rao (1):
    qlge: Fix incorrect usage of module parameters and netdev msg level

    Stefan Richter (4):
    firewire: net: count stats.tx_packets and stats.tx_bytes
    firewire: net: fix memory leaks
    firewire: net: replace lists by counters
    firewire: net: throttle TX queue before running out of tlabels

    Stefano Stabellini (1):
    xen: set vma flag VM_PFNMAP in the privcmd mmap file_op

    Stephen Hemminger (1):
    virtio: fix format of sysfs driver/vendor files

    Steven J. Magnani (1):
    nommu: yield CPU while disposing VM

    Steven Rostedt (5):
    tracing: Fix module use of trace_bprintk()
    tracing: Force arch_local_irq_* notrace for paravirt
    tracing: Fix recursive user stack trace
    isdn: icn: Fix stack corruption bug.
    leds: fix bug with reading NAS SS4200 dmi code

    Takashi Iwai (3):
    ALSA: atmel - Fix the return value in error path
    ALSA: Revert "ALSA: hda - Fix switching between dmic and mic
    using the same mux on IDT/STAC"
    ALSA: hda - Use ALC_INIT_DEFAULT for really default initialization

    Tetsuo Handa (1):
    x86, asm: Fix binutils 2.15 build failure

    Thomas Gleixner (1):
    perf: Fix inherit vs. context rotation bug

    Toshiharu Okada (2):
    pch_gbe dreiver: chang author
    pch_gbe driver: The wrong of initializer entry

    Tracey Dent (2):
    EDAC: Remove deprecated kbuild goal definitions
    Net: ceph: Makefile: Remove unnessary code

    Trond Myklebust (9):
    SUNRPC: Fix an infinite loop in call_refresh/call_refreshresult
    NFS: Buffer overflow in ->decode_dirent() should not be fatal
    NFS: Assume eof if the server returns no readdir records
    NFS: Fix a page leak in nfs_do_filldir()
    NFS: Fix a page leak in uncached_readdir()
    NFS: Fix the error handling in "uncached_readdir()"
    NFS: Don't ignore errors from nfs_do_filldir()
    NFS: Correct the array bound calculation in nfs_readdir_add_to_array
    NFS: Ensure we return the dirent->d_type when it is known

    Uwe Kleine-König (1):
    backlight: grab ops_lock before testing bd->ops

    Vasiliy Kulikov (4):
    xen: xenfs: privcmd: check put_user() return code
    ALSA: snd-atmel-abdac: test wrong variable
    ASoC: s3c24xx: test wrong variable
    ASoC: atmel: test wrong variable

    Vasily Khoruzhick (2):
    ASoC: RX1950: Fix hw_params function
    ARM: S3C2410: Adapt h1940-bluetooth to gpiolib changes

    Vicente Jimenez Aguilar (1):
    fbdev: Update documentation index file.

    Vivek Goyal (2):
    blk-throttle: Fix calculation of max number of WRITES to be dispatched
    block: fix amiga and atari floppy driver compile warning

    Will Deacon (1):
    ARM: 6489/1: thumb2: fix incorrect optimisation in usracc

    Will Newton (1):
    uml: disable winch irq before freeing handler data

    Wolfgang Grandegger (1):
    au1000_eth: fix invalid address accessing the MAC enable register

    Yang Li (1):
    ucc_geth: fix ucc halt problem in half duplex mode

    Yinghai Lu (1):
    x86: Use online node real index in calulate_tbl_offset()

    kishore kadiyala (1):
    mmc: omap4: hsmmc: Fix improper card detection while booting
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