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    SubjectRe: gspca for_2.6.36 - maybe does not work properly for me (ov534)
    On Wed, 3 Nov 2010 20:07:25 +0100
    Maciej Rutecki <> wrote:

    > (add CC's)
    > On czwartek, 28 października 2010 o 13:07:57 Tõnu Samuel wrote:
    > > I am Sony PS3 Eye webcam user.
    > >

    Please more context in the Subject next time :)

    > > After installing 2.6.36 this camera gets recognized but actually does
    > > not work. It might be some own stupidity of improper kernel
    > > configuration but I cannot track it down at moment.
    > >

    This is fixed in 2.6.37-rc1, Mauro this should go in as well,
    ASAP please as we missed 2.6.36.

    This is the thread:

    This is the patch:;a=commit;h=f43402fa55bf5e7e190c176343015122f694857c


    Antonio Ospite

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