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Subject2 epoll questions

I am not subscribed to the list yet, and I would appreciate it if all replies
could be CCed to me :).

I have two questions regarding epoll. The epoll code that I am using can all
be found in the file here for those interested:

1) Is there any known reason why adding fds to an epoll fd would begin to slow
down dramatically after ~6000 fds are added? It is entirely possible that the
problem is not epoll at all, but I wanted to ask and see if there was some O(n)
code somewhere that was known.

2) If a select on an epoll fd (not one inside the epoll, the actual epoll fd
itself) returns EBADF, is there a way to determine which fd is causing the
error and then remove it? I am occasionally running into this issue, and it
seems to be caused by code which I do not necessarily control closing a fd that
is part of my epoll fd without my knowledge (meaning that the closed fd is
still in epoll).


Mike Blumenkrantz
Zentific: Our boolean values are huge.

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