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SubjectRe: [2/8, v5] NUMA Hotplug Emulator: Add node hotplug emulation
On Mon, 29 Nov 2010, wrote:

> From: David Rientjes <>
> Add an interface to allow new nodes to be added when performing memory
> hot-add. This provides a convenient interface to test memory hotplug
> notifier callbacks and surrounding hotplug code when new nodes are
> onlined without actually having a machine with such hotpluggable SRAT
> entries.
> This adds a new debugfs interface at /sys/kernel/debug/hotplug/add_node
> that behaves in a similar way to the memory hot-add "probe" interface.
> Its format is size@start, where "size" is the size of the new node to be
> added and "start" is the physical address of the new memory.

Looks like you've changed some of the references in my changlog to
node/add_node, but not others, such as the above. I'd actually much
rather prefer to take Greg's latest suggestion of doing
s/hotplug/mem_hotplug instead.

Would it be possible to repost the patch with that change?


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