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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/PCI: never allocate PCI space from the last 1M below 4G
On 11/29/2010 02:04 PM, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
>>> We might still want a patch like this current one because it could
>>> work around some BIOS defects, and because I think it's too late to
>>> fix the ACPI resource problem for .37. But I'm not convinced we
>>> should reserve more than Windows does, because that may keep us from
>>> discovering other important Linux problems.
>> I'm not so sure about that... it feels like a pretty weak argument that
>> we might work on some machines even though our code isn't perfect.
> I think we're talking about whether to reserve the top 1MB or top 2MB.
> I freely admit I don't know the right answer. My point is merely that
> since we're using a heuristic anyway, copying Windows is a pretty good
> starting point. In my mind, doing something different requires a
> stronger argument than "it might fix some machines where Windows is
> broken."

Of course. I did, however, point out the reason *why* in this case:
there are a lot of platforms known (including quite probably *ALL*
pre-E820 systems) to decode 2 MiB for the ROM, due to A20 masking.
Windows doesn't care about those older systems.


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