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SubjectRE: data corruption with stex (Promise HW-Raid) driver and device-mapper

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Milan Broz []
>Sent: 2010年11月25日 1:57
>To: Ed Lin - PTU
>Cc: Dan Carpenter; Markus Schulz;
>; device-mapper development
>Subject: Re: data corruption with stex (Promise HW-Raid)
>driver and device-mapper
>On 11/16/2010 02:35 AM, Ed Lin - PTU wrote:
>> The stex driver sets sg_tablesize as 32 (for st_yel it's 38)
>in the probe
>> entry. It seems that this value was overridden by the system if using
>> dm/lvm, for unknown reason. The driver received requests with more
>> sg items than registered. Sg item number could be as high as 64. This
>> is completely unexpected. The firmware could not handle such
>> requests, and error occurred.
>Device-mapper respects hw restrictions, so it must be bug somewhere.
>Please cc dm-devel if you think that problem is there.


This problem is fixed. Martin Petersen proposed a thorough cleaning at .
My original patch is at ,
which is a simplified minimum version.

Ed Lin

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