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SubjectRe: [PATCH] staging: easycap: fix build failure
Jiri Kosina wrote:
> Now, I really believe that this driver is completely hopeless and the only
> option is complete from-scratch rewrite. I have been looking into it for
> approximately ~30 seconds (solely to fix this build failure), and I really
> don't know what to say.

You are quite right of course. This driver does indeed require a complete
re-write. The non-standard formatting and (now) redundant debugging macros
are actually the least troublesome issues. More significant is the need to
replace most of the routines by existing functions from the V4L subsystem.
Unfortunately I shall be unable to undertake this essential work myself in
the foreseeable future owing to other commitments. Probably the simplest
solution would be to drop the driver from staging.

Even in its present untidy state the driver does work reasonably well on x86
and x86-64, so something could possibly be salvaged from it.


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