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Subject[patch v2 0/4] taskstats: Improve cumulative time accounting
Version 2
* Integrate review comments (see change log of single patches)
* Add sysctl to switch to new behavior instead of adding the
additional cdata_acct to struct signal (see patch 3)

Due to POSIX POSIX.1-2001, the CPU time of processes is not accounted
to the cumulative time of the parents, if the parents ignore SIGCHLD
or have set SA_NOCLDWAIT. This behaviour has the major drawback that
it is not possible to calculate all consumed CPU time of a system by
looking at the current tasks. CPU time can be lost.

This patch series adds a new sysctl "full_cdata" that allows to switch
the kernel to a mode where also the missing data is accounted to the
cumulative counters.

Patches apply on:

[1] Introduce "struct cdata"
[2] Introduce __account_cdata() function
[3] Introduce kernel.full_cdata sysctl
[4] Export "cdata_wait" CPU times with taskstats

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