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SubjectRe: [tpmdd-devel] [REGRESSION] Suspend fails because of TPM modules

> I just found out, that if I modprobe tpm_tis module with
> itpm=1
> parameter, the problem doesn't happen any more and suspend works fine.

Not here unfortunately. Suspend still fails with itpm=1, and I get this
in my logs

Nov 29 15:52:32 doris kernel: [ 649.110527] resource map sanity check
conflict: 0xfed40000 0xfed44fff 0xfed43000 0xfed43fff Intel Flush Page
Nov 29 15:52:32 doris kernel: [ 649.110923] tpm_tis 00:09: 1.2 TPM
(device-id 0xB, rev-id 16)
Nov 29 15:52:32 doris kernel: [ 649.110929] tpm_tis 00:09: Intel iTPM
workaround enabled
Nov 29 15:54:34 doris kernel: [ 771.360067] tpm_tis 00:09:
tpm_transmit: tpm_send: error -62

Also, this patch:

Looks for a string that is absent from my Vaio SZ650, so the workaround
is not applied (and if it was, it probably wouldn't work, right?).

I posted my DSDT to bugzilla:


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