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SubjectRe: ath9k_htc vs. powerpc (was Re: working usb wifi card, that is still possible to buy)
Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> > > Sujith, I see you fought with endianness issues on ath9k_htc
> > > driver. Was you able to test it on actual hardware? Should I try the
> > > version just after your commit?
> >
> > No, I never had a chance to test the driver on a big-endian system.
> > I assume you are referring to this commit: "ath9k_htc: Fix sparse endian warnings" ?
> Yes.
> > Does using latest wireless-testing help ?
> I updated to wireless-testing from today, and still same results.

A lot of structures in htc.h are not handled in an endian-safe manner.
I'll send a patch fixing them and maybe things will improve.


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