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SubjectRe: ath9k_htc vs. powerpc (was Re: working usb wifi card, that is still possible to buy)

> > > Sujith, I see you fought with endianness issues on ath9k_htc
> > > driver. Was you able to test it on actual hardware? Should I try the
> > > version just after your commit?
> >
> > No, I never had a chance to test the driver on a big-endian system.
> > I assume you are referring to this commit: "ath9k_htc: Fix sparse endian warnings" ?
> Yes.
> > Does using latest wireless-testing help ?
> I updated to wireless-testing from today, and still same results.
> > Or you can try compat-wireless to get the latest code.
> wireless-testing is actually easier to be. I indentified two endianness problems in eeprom, but even with
both fixed, it still will not associate. Is there some way to dump USB
packets, then compare them between PC and PowerPC versions? Should I
expect them to match?

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