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SubjectRe: VT console need rewrite
Microcai <> writes:

> I'm implementing the UNICODE font of the framebuffer console, (see
> in case you do not got my email). But
> current vt code is too bugy, too many direct assumes about vt buffer,
> This makes me so hard to hack. There is TODO telling me to add UNICODE
> support, but no room for such code, that's why my patch is so tricky.
> And the code itself, if you'll excuse me, it isn't as beautiful as rest
> of the kernel.
> So, it really really need a clean rewrite.I'm ganna take is hard job.
> And, please tell me if is worth to do so.

To be honest I have doubts its worth it. This was discussed years and
years ago and the conclusion back then that people who need unicode
fonts should use them in X or another graphical console environment
(there are plenty to chose from these days). Has this changed?


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