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SubjectRe: VT console need rewrite
28.11.2010 22:46, Ted Ts'o wrote:
> How many people do regular login, development, reading e-mail, etc.,
> on the console? Very few!

Once I broke the euro symbol in the kbd keymaps and got a kick in the
ass very quickly :). It means that users continue to use the console
quite active.

Another example: I keep getting a new keymaps and console fonts for
each new kbd release.

Maybe not a lot of console users, but more of them than you think.

> If the answer is because you hate X, as
> you've already pointed out, we already have fbterm. Where is it
> written that we need to have a full unicode-capable console system?

fbterm ‎can't help in all cases. For example: we have a limitation
NR_KEYS, which makes it impossible to use keycode > 256 in keymaps.
I've already received several complaints about it.

Rgrds, legion

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