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SubjectRe: [PATCH 03/11] x86/dtb: Add a device tree for CE4100
On 11/28/2010 12:53 PM, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
>> I wasn't aware of the OFW binding for X86. I will follow it once I find
>> it.
> Interesting, I though I would find it on
> but it's not there...
> CC'ing Mitch who might know where to find that.

I can't find the x86 binding either, which is a little bit embarrassing
since I wrote it, albeit about 15 years ago...

If my memory is correct, it is not particularly useful now. It
primarily dealt with the ABI for transferring control to the OS and for
calling back into the OFW client interface. The only company that used
it was Network Appliance, back when they were building their own x86
motherboards (because most off-the-shelf mobo's of that era did not meet
their stability requirements).

There has been a fair amount of churn since then, in relevant areas like
x86 privileged architecture, compiler versions and code generation
policies, popular bootloaders, OSs, and Linux early startup code. The
net result is that the ABI that the old binding specified probably isn't
right for today.

I'd be happy to work with people to develop a new x86 binding.

The OLPC interface might be of some use as a starting point, but would
need some work. It is currently in use on AMD Geode, Via C7, and Intel
Atom based systems, but, among other issues, it conflicts with the
Physical Address Extension feature.


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