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Subject[PATCH 00/21] mm: Preemptibility -v6
This patch-set makes part of the mm a lot more preemptible. It converts
i_mmap_lock and anon_vma->lock to mutexes and makes mmu_gather fully

The main motivation was making mm_take_all_locks() preemptible, since it
appears people are nesting hundreds of spinlocks there.

The side-effects are that can finally make mmu_gather preemptible,
something which lots of people have wanted to do for a long time.

It also gets us anon_vma refcounting, which seems to result in a nice
cleanup of the anon_vma lifetime rules wrt KSM and compaction.

This patch-set is build and boot-tested on x86_64 (a previous version was
also tested on Dave's Niagra2 machines, and I suppose s390 was too when
Martin provided the conversion patch for his arch).

There are no known architectures left unconverted.

Yanmin ran the -v3 posting through the comprehensive Intel test farm
and didn't find any regressions.

( Not included in this posting are the 4 Sparc64 patches that implement
gup_fast, those can be applied separately after this series gets
anywhere. )

The full series (including the Sparc64 gup_fast bits) also available in -git
form from (against Linus' tree as of about an hour ago):


Linus seems to want this to get some serious review and be pushed through
Andrew (well, anybody but me actually, but since Andrew is mm master...)

Ben, Thomas, Andrew, can I trick you guys into looking at this stuff?

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