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Subject[PATCH 00/12] SEP cleanups
This is a rework from the bits I sent you a while back Mark (which I suspect
got eaten in the email) and some other cleanup. I've not beaten it up with
CodingStyle yet because most of the debug wants removing before that is done
so it is probably more productive to fix the logic and the inherited choice of
points of style.


Alan Cox (12):
sep: Fix crash if a device is not found
sep: clean up a couple of spots missed in pass one
sep: cant is an angular inclination
sep: Make SEP consistent
sep: Use kzalloc when needed
sep: clean up some of the obvious sillies
sep: Fix the kernel-doc in SEP
sep: clean up caller_id function
sep: netlink - what netlink
sep: handle the memrar stuff in the headers
sep: handle the rar definition stuff in the header
sep: minimal fix for wrong include

drivers/staging/memrar/memrar.h | 19
drivers/staging/sep/sep_driver.c | 2230 ++++++++++++-------------------
drivers/staging/sep/sep_driver_config.h | 194 ---
include/linux/rar_register.h | 16
4 files changed, 902 insertions(+), 1557 deletions(-)


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