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    SubjectRe: Sudden and massive page cache eviction
    >> I forgot to address the second part of this question: How would I best
    >> inspect whether the kernel is doing that?
    > You can, for example, record
    >  cat /proc/meminfo | grep Huge
    > for large page allocations.

    Those show zero a per my other post. However I got the impression Dave
    was asking about regular but larger-than-one-page allocations internal
    to the kernel, while the Huge* lines in /proc/meminfo refers to
    allocations specifically done by userland applications doing huge page
    allocation on a system with huge pages enabled - or am I confused?

    > The "pagesperslab" column of /proc/slabinfo tells you how many pages
    > slab allocates from the page allocator.

    Seems to be what vmstat -m reports.

    / Peter Schuller aka scode
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