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Subject[i915] 2.6.37-rc1 G33 regression : no DVI output

I'm trying to track down a regression occuring in recent kernel : I
get the DVI output of my intel G33 chipset through a Sapphire ADD2
DVI-D SDVO adaptor card and it was working fine until
kernel 2.6.37-rc1 :
- all more recent kernels only give a black screen
- I can log through ssh and no oops nor anything suspicious is in the log
- I get an output if I uses the VGA builtin port.

I did a git bisect to track down the problem but unfortunately if got
stuck at commit 890f3359f7b84d7015104360d647ccac5f515542 that causes
an oops and doesn't allow me do do more finegrained bisection because
so far all later commits show either this oops or a black screen.
What can I do to help solve this problem ? Attached is my current git
bisect log.

Best regards,

Vincent Vanackère
git bisect start
# bad: [e53beacd23d9cb47590da6a7a7f6d417b941a994] Linux 2.6.37-rc2
git bisect bad e53beacd23d9cb47590da6a7a7f6d417b941a994
# good: [f6f94e2ab1b33f0082ac22d71f66385a60d8157f] Linux 2.6.36
git bisect good f6f94e2ab1b33f0082ac22d71f66385a60d8157f
# good: [2a346996626ecbb4269c239e9ff7372a182907e9] hwmon: lis3: pm_runtime support
git bisect good 2a346996626ecbb4269c239e9ff7372a182907e9
# bad: [0851668fdd97e526b2a41f794b785c204dd3d3e0] Merge branch 'v4l_for_linus' of git://
git bisect bad 0851668fdd97e526b2a41f794b785c204dd3d3e0
# bad: [c48c43e422c1404fd72c57d1d21a6f6d01e18900] Merge branch 'drm-core-next' of git://
git bisect bad c48c43e422c1404fd72c57d1d21a6f6d01e18900
# good: [18a043f9413277523cf5011e594caa1747db4948] Merge branch 'nfs-for-2.6.37' of git://
git bisect good 18a043f9413277523cf5011e594caa1747db4948
# bad: [0c8eb0dc65f5a78b252eeff6c729ba4741390e23] Merge remote branch 'nouveau/for-airlied' of ../drm-nouveau-next into drm-core-next
git bisect bad 0c8eb0dc65f5a78b252eeff6c729ba4741390e23
# bad: [ab6f8e325083f138ce5da8417baf48887d62da3c] drm/i915/ringbuffer: whitespace cleanup
git bisect bad ab6f8e325083f138ce5da8417baf48887d62da3c
# good: [210b23c2f7b9721afb0a57459b7dbac3b094862e] intel-gtt: i965: use detected gtt size for mapping
git bisect good 210b23c2f7b9721afb0a57459b7dbac3b094862e
# good: [788319d48dc2b61db732b19bb9598c062c75ec37] drm/i915/lvds: Move private data to the connector from the device.
git bisect good 788319d48dc2b61db732b19bb9598c062c75ec37
# bad: [f49f0586191fe16140410db0a46d43bdc690d6af] drm/i915: Actually set the reset bit in i965_reset.
git bisect bad f49f0586191fe16140410db0a46d43bdc690d6af
# skip: [2b6efaa47615b29e572d7fc444565db62ca9bcf7] drm/i915: Remove unused intel_ringbuffer->ring_flag
git bisect skip 2b6efaa47615b29e572d7fc444565db62ca9bcf7
# good: [e65d9305f528d4f354378690135ee8d1c60ec0a5] drm/i915: Initialize intel_crtc->active
git bisect good e65d9305f528d4f354378690135ee8d1c60ec0a5
# good: [0bc23aad3b67ca0cd7480dec0b7652d9b8686432] drm/i915: Fix regression in ba3d8d749b
git bisect good 0bc23aad3b67ca0cd7480dec0b7652d9b8686432
# good: [db8c076b9206ea35b1f7299708d5510b17674db2] Merge remote branch 'linus' into drm-intel-fixes
git bisect good db8c076b9206ea35b1f7299708d5510b17674db2
# skip: [3f08e4ef807c3103ceebf7993c7463c7a90646f3] agp/intel: Fix resume regression from 2d2430cf
git bisect skip 3f08e4ef807c3103ceebf7993c7463c7a90646f3
# bad: [219adae138513bae20b256f1946b9cb3b75ca05c] drm/i915: Cache LVDS EDID
git bisect bad 219adae138513bae20b256f1946b9cb3b75ca05c
# good: [2cf34d7b7ee99c27c1a6bdd2f91344cbfa5fef5c] drm/i915: Allow get_fence_reg() to be uninterruptible
git bisect good 2cf34d7b7ee99c27c1a6bdd2f91344cbfa5fef5c
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