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SubjectPure kernel '2.6.37-rc1-00001-ge99d11d' shown as ~-dirty after compilation
When I run 'make kernelrelease' on freshly cloned Linus' git tree it
shows kernel version as: '2.6.37-rc1-00001-ge99d11d' - and that's
But after compilation it turned up '2.6.37-rc1-00001-ge99d11d-dirty'.

I didn't apply any custom patches to my local tree between 'make
kernelrelease' and compilation. What I only added - and before running
'make kernelrelease' - were the following Radeon firmware blobs for my
graphic card, which I placed in <kernel-source>/firmware/radeon/, in
order to compile them in:

That's how I always did and none of the git-kernels I compiled before
was referred to as '-dirty' due to the firmware blobs added manually.
Also, the kernel version shown by 'make kernelrelease' never differed
from the final kernel version after compilation. Of course assuming
that no patches were applied in the meantime and no extra string was
appended manually to the kernel version.

So, what's this '-dirty' about?


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