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SubjectRe: [Stable-review] [00/66] review
On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 11:18:56PM +0100, Nikola Ciprich wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> I guess it's certainly quite late for it now, but would You be willing
> to accept this one for too?
> fixes:
> It's been submitted to stable, but for some reason it was omited...

There's been a lot of patches submitted that didn't make it into .36.1
due to time constraints and the already-large patch queue size.

I have a lot pending that will show up in .36.2. If you don't see it
there, please remind me again.

But note, networking patches get sent to me by the network subsystem
maintainer. Please work with David to get that into the stable tree,
he's the one who needs to send this to me.


greg k-h

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