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Subject[GIT PULL] Ceph updates for 2.6.37-rc3
Hi Linus,

Please pull the following Ceph updates from

git:// for-linus

It's an unfortunately rather big pile of bug fixes. There's a revert to
fix a regression from 2.6.36, a problem with network reconnects, a
potential null deref, a series of small fixes that came up with clustered
MDS testing, a fix for non-page aligned direct IO, and a readdir fix that
turns up on 32bit arches.


Sage Weil (16):
Revert "ceph: update issue_seq on cap grant"
ceph: fix small seq message skipping
ceph: fix bad pointer dereference in ceph_fill_trace
ceph: fix open for write on clustered mds
ceph: only let auth caps update max_size
ceph: re-request max_size if cap auth changes
ceph: fix rdcache_gen usage and invalidate
ceph: fix uid/gid on resent mds requests
ceph: fix version check on racing inode updates
ceph: fix update of ctime from MDS
ceph: fix comment, remove extraneous args
ceph: make page alignment explicit in osd interface
ceph: explicitly specify page alignment in network messages
ceph: fix dangling pointer
ceph: fix frag offset for non-leftmost frags
ceph: fix readdir EOVERFLOW on 32-bit archs

fs/ceph/addr.c | 6 ++--
fs/ceph/caps.c | 17 +++++++-----
fs/ceph/dir.c | 16 +++++++++---
fs/ceph/file.c | 52 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
fs/ceph/inode.c | 49 +++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
fs/ceph/mds_client.c | 7 +++-
fs/ceph/mds_client.h | 2 +
fs/ceph/super.h | 4 +--
include/linux/ceph/libceph.h | 3 +-
include/linux/ceph/messenger.h | 1 +
include/linux/ceph/osd_client.h | 7 +++-
net/ceph/messenger.c | 13 ++++-----
net/ceph/osd_client.c | 25 ++++++++++++------
net/ceph/pagevec.c | 3 +-
14 files changed, 129 insertions(+), 76 deletions(-)

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