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Subjecttvp5150 extension to tvp5151
I need to support fully tvp5151.
So I'm trying to understand your driver, that is ready for VBI and not
for video acquisition.
I also take sometimes a look at tvp514x.c, for instance trying to add
VIDIOC_ENUM_FMT and other ioctls.
I think we can move from tvp5150.c to tvp515x.c, maybe...
I don't think is good to have tvp51xx.c because tvp514x.c family is
more complex (more inputs...).
By now I'm using tvp5150.c with some modifications and video acquisition works.
I need to complete the support in order to have gstreamer fully running.
I'm working on 2.6.32, but I have planned to port it to mainline.
Do you have any suggestion for my work?


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