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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] Generic hardware error reporting support
On Fri, 2010-11-19 at 21:06 +0800, huang ying wrote:
> I lists the requirements and my solutions in my patch description of
> [1/2] and [2/2]. If you have any question, please let me know.

Those talk about _your_ requirements, it does not touch upon any of the
concerns of the other parties, it doesn't even mention them beyond
listing their existence.

It also, very specifically, does not mention if you did talk to any of
those parties and what their thought on the matter was, nor does it ask
them about their opinion.

Instead you present your work as a fait accompli, not a work in flux and
subject to change. You ask for it to be merged -- this does not come
across like a discussion, much less a request for co-operation.

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