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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 2/2] msm: gpio: Add irq support to v2 gpiolib.
>>> Do you mean to MSM have v1 and v2 gpio hardware ??? can not we
>>> have one file under mach-msm as gpio.c??
>> The MSM8x60 is the first MSM chip to carry the second-generation, or v2,
>> GPIO hardware block.  This block is not backward compatible with the
>> v1 block found on older MSMs, so the two drivers cannot be elegantly merged.
> so this is applicable to 8x60 and coming chip sets.I basically have a
> question,How come a a new person under stand the chipset uses gpio-v1
> or gpiov2??

Targets with the v2 block define CONFIG_MSM_V2_TLMM.

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