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SubjectBenchmarks of kernel tracing options 2 (ftrace, lttng and perf)
Hi all,

This is a response to a benchmark, submitted a few weeks ago, comparing kernel
tracing options.

We followed the methodology described in the link bellow,
but using the shellscripts posted there to reproduce autotest scripts.

We disabled the extra syscall tracing on lttng, for a fair comparison.

Average results with tracing "on":

lttng: 220 ns
ftrace: 260 ns
perf: 740 ns

E5405 system
kernel 2.6.36

-lttng 0.239 + 0.19.2modules + sys_getuid tracepoint + sys_getuid probe
+ remove syscall_trace

-ftrace and perf + sys_getuid tracepoint

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