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SubjectRe: [patch] trace: Add user-space event tracing/injection
On 11/17/10 2:30 PM, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> What does the duration in milliseconds mean there? For things like
>> GC and JIT, I want something like:
>> void gc(void)
>> {
>> collect();
>> }
>> So that it's clear from the tracing output that the VM was busy
>> doing GC for n milliseconds. Barring background JIT'ing and
>> pauseless GC, I'd also be interested in showing how much time the VM
>> was actually _blocking_ the running application (which can happen
>> with signals too, btw, for things like accessing data that's lazily
>> initialized).
> We can add two events: user_event_entry/user_event_exit - or we could use the string
> to differentiate, and start it with:
> "entry: ..."
> "exit: ..."
> And then the event timestamps (which are absolute and are available) could be used
> to calculate the duration of this period.
> 'trace' could even be taught to treat such entry:/exit: strings in a special way, so
> that you dont have to write Jato specific trace decoding bits?

Yes, makes sense. I like the API so lets convince others that it's
important enough to be merged. :-)


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