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    SubjectRe: tty: add 'active' sysfs attribute to tty0 and console device
    > How would that work? Not giving a user ownership of the tty device? That
    > would break like about every second program. It's too late for this.

    Actually almost nothing in the OS cares about what another user is doing,
    and you can have per mount /dev - a la Plan 9.

    > And anyway unless the kernel is patched you can even see who is running
    > which process on the system. And now you become all nervous about
    > telling people which tty is currently in the fg? Seriously?

    procfs, to users.. not in that kind of environment !

    > Security is a fog granade here. It's a non-issue.
    > Also, afaics the current ioctl() interface you love so much works on any
    > tty and gives you that information anyway, right? Some tty fd should be

    I'm not particularly attached to the ioctl interface, and I'm not
    disagreeing with you that it needs redoing to actually be useful for what
    you want and for a lot of other cases. The question is what the resulting
    interface should look like so its useful for more than just your specific
    current pseudo-secure bits.

    > accessible by about every process and VT_GETSTATE on that and you have
    > the same information -- and no further perm checking is done at all!

    You need to have access to a console fd, which in that case is normally
    fine, but it is a weakness and one reason I know about that is because it
    has been complained about !

    And as you say setting it to 0600 fixes that aspect. I've no problem
    with that either as SELinux rules can manage it effectively.


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