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    SubjectRe: Sync semantics.

    > What should I expect from a "sync" system call?
    > The manual says:
    > sync() first commits inodes to buffers, and then buffers to disk.
    > and then goes on to state:
    > ... since version 1.3.20 Linux does actually wait.
    > [for the buffers to be handed over to the drive]
    > So how long can I expect a "sync" call to take?
    > I would expect that all buffers that are dirty at the time of the
    > "sync" call are written by the time that sync returns. I'm currently
    > bombarding my fileserver with some 40-60Mbytes per second of data to
    > be written (*). The fileserver has 8G of memory. So max 8000 Mb of

    Are you sure? Hitting 40MB/sec is hard when it involves seeking...

    You may want to lower dirty_ratio...
    (cesky, pictures)

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