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SubjectSluggishness on a GEM system due to SELinux's sidtab_search_context() as well as get_unmapped_area()

I'm noticing significant sluggishness when switching into a workspace
where Evolution is running.

My kernel is Fedora 12's (I know it is
old...), and the open source radeon (r600) driver is used. Oprofile
shows the follows:

CPU: Core 2, speed 2003 MHz (estimated)
Counted CPU_CLK_UNHALTED events (Clock cycles when not halted) with a
unit mask of 0x00 (Unhalted core cycles) count 100000
Counted INST_RETIRED_ANY_P events (number of instructions retired) with
a unit mask of 0x00 (No unit mask) count 100000
samples % samples % image name app name
symbol name
126807 31.2201 38744 28.3866 vmlinux Xorg
(deleted) find_vma
48661 11.9804 3474 2.5453 vmlinux Xorg
(deleted) mls_compute_sid
41806 10.2927 5700 4.1762 vmlinux Xorg
(deleted) sidtab_search_context
11888 2.9268 4234 3.1021 Xorg (deleted) Xorg
(deleted) /usr/bin/Xorg (deleted)
8660 2.1321 1589 1.1642 drm Xorg
(deleted) /drm
6228 1.5333 6773 4.9624 radeon Xorg
(deleted) /radeon
6214 1.5299 1832 1.3423 (deleted) Xorg
(deleted) /lib64/ (deleted)
5542 1.3644 4929 3.6113 (deleted) Xorg
(deleted) /usr/lib64/
4149 1.0215 1776 1.3012 Xorg
(deleted) /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/
4140 1.0193 640 0.4689 vmlinux oprofiled
3183 0.7837 847 0.6206 vmlinux Xorg
(deleted) arch_get_unmapped_area_topdown

Although I haven't looked into it, presumably Evolution is asking the X
server to create and map a lot of TTM objects (pixmaps?). The creation
of each object uses shmem_file_setup() and thus necessitates SELinux
calls, and since the X process already has a lot of mappings (one
mapping for each XRender glyph it seems, with "wc -l /proc/`pgrep
Xorg`/maps" returning 6766), the mapping part could also be slow.

I think the slowness of find_vma is related to . mls_compute_sid()
did a linear search over the range transition rules and was therefore
slow, but more recent kernels use a hash table so this problem has been
solved. Another offender is sidtab_search_context() used to convert a
SELinux context back into an sid, which is also a linear search as there
is only a sid => context hash table, and I haven't seen any recent
changes in this area.

Please CC me as I'm not subscribed.


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