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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/3] Use compaction to reduce a dependency on lumpy reclaim
> (cc'ing people currently looking at transparent hugepages as this series
> is aimed at avoiding lumpy reclaim being deleted)
> Huge page allocations are not expected to be cheap but lumpy reclaim is still
> very disruptive. While it is far better than reclaiming random order-0 pages
> and hoping for the best, it still ignore the reference bit of pages near the
> reference page selected from the LRU. Memory compaction was merged in 2.6.35
> to use less lumpy reclaim by moving pages around instead of reclaiming when
> there were enough pages free. It has been tested fairly heavily at this point.
> This is a prototype series to use compaction more aggressively.
> When CONFIG_COMPACTION is set, lumpy reclaim is avoided where possible. What
> it does instead is reclaim a number of order-0 pages and then compact the
> zone to try and satisfy the allocation. This keeps a larger number of active
> pages in memory at the cost of increased use of migration and compaction
> scanning. As this is a prototype, it's also very clumsy. For example,
> set_lumpy_reclaim_mode() still allows lumpy reclaim to be used and the
> decision on when to use it is primitive. Lumpy reclaim can be avoided
> entirely of course but the tests were a bit inconclusive - allocation
> latency was lower if lumpy reclaim was never used but the test completion
> times and reclaim statistics looked worse so I need to reconsider both the
> analysis and the implementation. It's also about as subtle as a brick when
> it comes to compaction doing a blind compaction of the zone after reclaiming
> which is almost certainly more frequent than it needs to be but I'm leaving
> optimisation considerations for the moment.
> Ultimately, what I'd like to do is implement "lumpy compaction" where a
> number of order-0 pages are reclaimed and then the pages that would be lumpy
> reclaimed are instead migrated but it would be longer term and involve a
> tight integration of compaction and reclaim which maybe we'd like to avoid
> in the first pass. This series was to establish if just order-0 reclaims
> and compaction is potentially workable and the test results are reasonably
> promising. kernbench and sysbench were run as sniff tests even though they do
> not exercise reclaim and performance was not affected as expected. The target
> test was a high-order allocation stress test. Testing was based on kernel
> 2.6.37-rc1 with commit d88c0922 applied which fixes an important bug related
> to page reference counting. The test machine was x86-64 with 3G of RAM.

Brilliant! This is just I wanted long time.

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