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SubjectRe: Forked android kernel development from linux kernel mainline
On Wednesday, November 10, 2010, Pavel Machek wrote:
> On Sat 2010-11-06 20:03:48, Ted Ts'o wrote:
> > On Sat, Nov 06, 2010 at 04:52:26PM -0700, wrote:
> > > also, none of these other patches resulted in device drivers
> > > developed for a distro being incompatible with mainline.
> >
> > What, people can't delete a couple of single lines of code before
> > submitting the device driver upstream to mainline? Here's the world's
> > tiniest violin playing, "my heart bleeds for you"....
> Deleting couple single liners is not a problem. Cleaning up 100KLoC
> patch for mainline *is* a problem.
> I know, I tried to do that work. Even getting it to staging quality
> was hard, and it was recently dropped due to security holes.
> Unfortunately google uses wakelocks as an excuse for not cleaning up
> stuff... "because readding those few lines would be too hard".

Actually, this isn't a good excuse any more as of 2.6.37-rc1. You can
basically replace wakelocks with wakeup sources and go ahead.


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