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    Subjectregression: b43-sdio: probe of mmc0:0001:1 failed with error -16

    on todays Linus' git (v2.6.36-9871-g3985c7c) b43 sdio stopped working.
    It was working on (v2.6.36-6794-g12ba8d1).

    b43-sdio: probe of mmc0:0001:1 failed with error -16

    The error seems to originate from the following code in drivers/mmc/core/sdio_bus.c:sdio_bus_probe()

    135 ret = pm_runtime_get_sync(dev);
    136 if (ret < 0)
    137 goto out;

    so I suspect this has something to do with the following commit:

    commit 40bba0c1ca83a370f749c8bc9afda71cf79ebd91
    Author: Ohad Ben-Cohen <>
    Date: Sat Oct 2 13:54:11 2010 +0200

    mmc: sdio: enable runtime PM for SDIO functions

    However, simply reverting 40bba0c1ca83a370f749c8bc9afda71cf79ebd91 does not work because then
    modprobe hangs.

    Tested on AP4EVB (arm) with tmio_mmc. Any ideas?

    Best regards,

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