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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/9] mfd: Add UART support for the ST-Ericsson CG2900.
> > Shouldn't you instead be using the drivers/bluetooth/hci_{ldisc,h4} code?
> We also need the ldisc code to handle events from FM and GPS and since
> that is chip specific we cannot add that to the generic hci_ldisc
> code.

Agreed - it's a different protocol.

> I agree that we might run into problems if two drivers try to register
> the same line discipline. It might then be better to introduce a new

If your ldisc is written properly it shouldn't matter. Each tty has a
private ldisc pointer to keep the per ldisc instance data.

> line discipline then even though that could cause other problems. I do
> not know if it is possible to add a condition in Kconfig otherwise so
> the CG2900 ldisc cannot be active while the "normal" ldisc driver is
> selected.

Not sure I follow the concern here ?

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