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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] fs: Lock the inode LRU list separately
> That doesn't happen because the counter is only modified when
> the inode is moved on/off the list and there are checks to avoid
> removing an inode that is not on the list. Also, the inode is not
> removed from the LRU in dispose_one_inode - it is always done when
> the inode is marked I_FREEING while the i_lock is held before
> calling dispose_one_inode().
> Basically I wanted to remove the strange "inode is not on the LRU if
> it is dirty or under writeback" accounting checks and make the
> accounting symmetric with adding/removing the inodes from the LRU.
> These are protected by list_empty() checks, so should always end up
> with the correct accounting.
> hence the only special case now is prune_icache() which already
> holds the inode_lru_lock() so can't call the helper. Besides, we
> don't need any checks there because we know the inode is on the LRU
> already....

Indeed. What about adding a


to evict to ensure this invariant?

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