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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next-2.6 v2] can: Topcliff: PCH_CAN driver: Fix buildwarnings
On Wednesday, October 27, 2010 3:52 AM :  Marc Kleine-Budde and Wolfgang Grandegge wrote:

The following is some inarticulate points I have for your questions.
Please give me more information.

> Do I understand your code correctly? You have a big loop, but only do
> two different things at certain values of the loop? Smells fishy.
Uh, I can't understand your intention.
Please show in detail.
This processing does configuration for all message objects.

> what does this loop do? why is it nessecarry? I don't like delay loops
> in the hot path of a driver.
This loop is for waiting for all tx Message Object completion.
This is Topcliff CAN HW specification.

> If you figured out how to use the endianess conversion functions from
> the cpu_to_{le,be}-{le,to}_to_cpup family use them here, too.
Uh,le32_to_cpu have been used already here.
I can't understand your intention.
Please show in detail.

>> All these check if busy in the code make me a bit nervous, can you
>> please explain why they are needed. A pointer to the manual is okay, too.
> Me too. I already ask in my previous mail how long that functions
> usually blocks.
When accessing read/write from/to Message RAM,
Since it takes much time for transferring between Register and Message RAM,
SW must check busy flag of CAN register.
This is a Topcliff HW specification.

> is there some pdev->name instead of KBUILD_MODNAME that can be used?
I can't understand your intention.
pdev(struct pci_dev) doesn't have "name" member.
Please show in detail.


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