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SubjectRe: linux-next: Tree for October 20
On 21.10.2010 15:09, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> I can't even get the required userspace code make oldconfig to compile:
> hch@brick:~/work/linux-2.6/obj-kvm$ make oldconfig
> make -C /home/hch/work/linux-2.6 O=/home/hch/work/linux-2.6/obj-kvm/. oldconfig
> GEN /home/hch/work/linux-2.6/obj-kvm/Makefile
> HOSTCC scripts/kconfig/
> In file included from scripts/kconfig/
> scripts/kconfig/lex.zconf.c:2425: error: conflicting types for 'zconf_curname'
> /home/hch/work/linux-2.6/scripts/kconfig/lkc.h:79: note: previous declaration of 'zconf_curname' was here
> scripts/kconfig/lex.zconf.c: In function 'zconf_curname':
> scripts/kconfig/lex.zconf.c:2427: warning: return discards qualifiers from pointer target type

The zconf_curname() prototype was changed in 2e7a091 and the
scripts/kconfig/lex.zconf.c_shipped file was updated as well. What
probably happened is that you ended up using an updated
scripts/kconfig/lkc.h header versus an old version of
scripts/kconfig/lex.zconf.c. Ie. the rule that copies
scripts/kconfig/lex.zconf.c_shipped to scripts/kconfig/lex.zconf.c did
not trigger, very strange. I'll look further.


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