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SubjectRe: [PATCH 05/29] memstick: mspro_block: move declarations to header and refactor things a bit
On Mon, 2010-10-25 at 08:07 -0700, Alex Dubov wrote:
> --- On Fri, 22/10/10, Maxim Levitsky <> wrote:
> > From: Maxim Levitsky <>
> > Subject: [PATCH 05/29] memstick: mspro_block: move declarations to header and refactor things a bit
> > To: "Alex Dubov" <>
> > Cc: "Andrew Morton" <>, "LKML" <>, "Maxim Levitsky" <>
> > Received: Friday, 22 October, 2010, 4:53 PM
> > This makes it much easier to lookup
> > things and reduces size of mspro_block.c
> Subjective and irrelevant.
> My editor makes it easier to look up things when they are in the same file,
> and this declarations are not expected to be used by any other compilation
> unit. Belongs to the cosmetic category which should be discussed later.
I agree that it is subjective.
However when you have 2 files, you can always open them in different
copies of an editor, terminal tabs.
When you have decorations in one file you depend on the editor a lot.
also its not about finding them.
Its about distrupting the workflow, because once you find the
declaration you need to find the place you were before.
I understand that some editors help with that, yea.

> > Also add debbuging macros so that it becames possible to
> > control
> > debbuging via module param.
> >
> Should be done through a common kernel infrastructure, namely DYNAMIC_DEBUG
> feature (pr_debug and friends).
How a user can turn DYNAMIC_DEBUG on?
How about different levels of verbosity?
Last time I checked DYNAMIC_DEBUG doesn't allow that.
Besides the macros I add revert to
DYNAMIC_DEBUG if user doesn't specify the debug= module param.

When dynamic debugs grows that features (I have seen a ddebug= patchset,
hope it gets merged, I will just trim down these macros).
Besides the goal of these macros is to reduce typing.
I need to add/remove the debug printouts very often, and then I don't
want even to type that '\n' at the end.
Besides, a lot of drivers are doing that. Just look around.

I already added similiar looking macros to 2 my other driver
(r852 sm_ftls and ene_cir) and no complains.

Best regards,
Maxim Levitsky

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