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SubjectRe: ima: use of radix tree cache indexing == massive waste of memory?

> > Especially as our merge requirements for security/ are a lot lower than
> > for the rest of the kernel given that James is very afraid of getting
> > whacked by Linux for not mering things.
> I think historically you'll see that I'm not afraid of getting whacked by
> Linus.
> A procedure for merging security features has been adopted by consensus,
> based on suggestions from Arjan, with the aim of preventing the literally
> endless arguments which arise from security feature discussions. It's
> sometimes referred to as the Arjan protocol, essentially:
> If the feature correctly implements a well-defined security goal, meets
> user needs without incurring unreasonable overheads, passes technical
> review, and is supported by competent developers, then it is likely to
> be merged.
> If you disagree with a specific feature, you need to step up while it's
> being reviewed and make a case against it according to the above
> criteria.

Well, I'm arguing that the criteria are wrong. Duplicated crap is
creeping in (TOMOYO vs. AppArmor), and strange stuff that has no
legitimate use is in (IMA -- what is it good for? locking machines
down, iPhone style).

> If you disagree with the protocol, then you need to come up with a better
> one, and probably implement it yourself, to the satisfaction of all
> parties.

I do disagree, and I do not think 'satistfaction of all parties' is
reasonable goal. Rest of kernel has different rules, and IMO they are better.

(cesky, pictures)

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