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SubjectRe: Remaining BKL users, what to do
On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 04:32:59PM +0200, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> fs/freevxfs:
> Uses the BKL in readdir and lookup, should be easy to fix. Christoph?

Can simply be dropped. Ditto for ->put_super and the not yet done
->get_sb pushdown. It's a trivial read-only filesystem with no state
of it's own.

> fs/hpfs:
> Looks fixable, if anyone cares. Maybe it's time for retirement in
> drivers/staging though. The web page only has a Link to the
> linux-2.2 version.

Di you ping Mikulas? He's not done too lately but at least ACKed a few

> fs/ncpfs:
> Should be fixable if Petr still cares about it. Otherwise suggest
> moving to drivers/staging if there are no users left.

Didn't he fix it recently?

> fs/qnx4:
> Should be easy to fix, there are only a few places in the code that
> use the BKL. Anders?

Another trivial read-only fs. Can be trivially dropped.

> fs/ufs:
> Evgeniy Dushistov is maintaining this, I hope he can take care of
> getting rid of the BKL in UFS.

Did you ping him. Shouldn't be too hard despite your probably unfixable
comment that somehow made it to linux-next.

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