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SubjectRe: [PATCH 22/22] bitops: remove minix bitops from asm/bitops.h
On Friday 15 October 2010 20:53:16 Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > You have defined these as "native endian":
> >
> > always LE:
> > alpha, blackfin, ia64, score, tile, x86
> >
> > always BE:
> > h8300, microblaze, s390, sparc
> >
> > configurable:
> > m32r, mips, sh, xtensa
> >
> > The only ones among these that possibly ever cared about mounting minix
> > file systems on a big-endian kernel are really old sparc and mips systems,
> > everyone else probably never noticed their mistake.
> >
> > I'd say let's define the minix bitops as always LE and be done with it.
> or at least make it so that this is the default, and you only have to
> update Kconfig if you need to deviate from the default. i dont like
> having to add this minix option to every single arch Kconfig.

Yes, that would also work if we find a compelling reason to keep it that
way. You can actually keep it private to fs/minix/Kconfig by writing it

def_bool y
depends on H8300 || M32R || MICROBLAZE || MIPS || S390 || SUPERH || SPARC || XTENSA

We normally use select for arch specific options, but in this case I think
I would prefer the single option since we know we don't want new architectures
to do it too.


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