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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] memblock related fixes for -tip
    On 10/12/2010 11:41 AM, Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
    > On 10/04/2010 02:57 PM, Yinghai Lu wrote:
    >> Please check memblock related patches
    >> [PATCH 1/4] memblock: Fix big size with find_region()
    >> [PATCH -v5 2/4] x86, memblock: Fix crashkernel allocation
    >> [PATCH 3/4] x86, memblock: Remove __memblock_x86_find_in_range_size()
    >> [PATCH 4/4] x86, mm, memblock, 32bit: Make add_highpages honor early reserved ranges
    >> first one should get into core/memblock branch, and others should be in x86/mm/memeblock branch
    > BTW, the memblock changes prevent the kernel from booting under Xen; it
    > crashes while setting up the linear maps. I haven't worked out what's
    > failing yet, aside from bisecting it down to one of a9ce6bc151000 or
    > 72d7c3b33c9808 (they don't compile in isolation so I had to skip them,
    > but both are likely looking, but unfortunately large, complex and hard
    > to further subdivide).
    > I'll look further into this, but just a heads-up for the upcoming merge
    > window.

    please use

    git:// memblock

    to find which commit cause xen broken.

    two xen related patch are folded into first converting commit.


    1e5f012: x86: Remove old bootmem code
    f2c0394: x86, memblock: Use memblock_memory_size()/memblock_free_memory_size() to get correct dma_reserve
    291e26f: x86: Remove not used early_res code
    75cd1e9: x86, memblock: Replace e820_/_early string with memblock_
    ce883cf: x86: Use memblock to replace early_res
    c9d219e: x86, memblock: Add __get_free_all_memory_range()
    b2d0276: x86, memblock: Use memblock_debug to control debug message print out
    945eabb: x86, memblock: Add memblock_x86_memory_in_range()
    9c6c086: x86, memblock: Add memblock_x86_free_memory_in_range()
    2310711: x86, memblock: Add memblock_x86_find_in_range_node()
    6b4ffee: memblock: Add find_memory_core_early()
    1d168bf: x86, memblock: Add memblock_x86_register_active_regions() and memblock_x86_hole_size()
    8d39571: x86, memblock: Add get_free_all_memory_range()
    46d5782: x86, memblock: Add memblock_x86_reserve_range/memblock_x86_free_range
    c6ade77: x86, memblock: Add memblock_x86_to_bootmem()
    4a268b8: bootmem, x86: Add weak version of reserve_bootmem_generic
    36d3afc: x86, memblock: Remove __memblock_x86_find_in_range_size()
    b352f42: x86, memblock: Add memblock_x86_find_in_range_size()
    a4c00b4: memblock: Allow memblock_init to be called early
    c795896: memblock: Fix wraparound in find_region()
    3ecfe12: memblock: Add memblock_free/reserve_reserved_regions()
    17462d5: memblock: Add memblock_find_in_range()
    1e833c5: memblock: Option for the architecture to put memblock into the .init section
    f8266e2: memblock: Protect memblock.h with CONFIG_HAVE_MEMBLOCK
    5b31325: memblock: Make MEMBLOCK_ERROR be 0
    df92f4d: memblock: Export MEMBLOCK_ERROR
    ddf01ef: memblock: Improve debug output when resizing the reserve array
    3647f0b: memblock: Expose some memblock bits for use by x86
    0526300: memblock: Add debugfs files to dump the arrays content
    6fd15ab: memblock: Make memblock_alloc_try_nid() fallback to MEMBLOCK_ALLOC_ANYWHERE
    ab3744c: memblock: Separate memblock_alloc_nid() and memblock_alloc_try_nid()
    79263d1: memblock: NUMA allocate can now use early_pfn_map
    fa21133: memblock: Add "start" argument to memblock_find_base()
    d1d5099: memblock: Add arch function to control coalescing of memblock memory regions
    2979e28: memblock: Add array resizing support
    de17e60: memblock: Move functions around into a more sensible order
    ac239c8: memblock: split memblock_find_base() out of __memblock_alloc_base()
    763d5f3: memblock: Move memblock_init() to the bottom of the file
    674f2ff: memblock: Define MEMBLOCK_ERROR internally instead of using ~(phys_addr_t)0
    cf273c9: memblock: Make memblock_find_region() out of memblock_alloc_region()
    5c2eb99: memblock: Add debug markers at the end of the array
    68e694c: memblock: Move memblock arrays to static storage in memblock.c and make their size a variable
    cbfff22: memblock: Remove memblock_type.size and add memblock.memory_size instead
    9ae0df1: memblock: Remove unused memblock.debug struct member
    564bb2b: memblock: Change u64 to phys_addr_t
    e3c49f3: memblock: Remove rmo_size, burry it in arch/powerpc where it belongs
    5f8a4aa: memblock: Introduce default allocation limit and use it to replace explicit ones
    3608b50: memblock: Expose MEMBLOCK_ALLOC_ANYWHERE
    676caa9: memblock: Factor the lowest level alloc function
    19ad550: memblock: Remove nid_range argument, arch provides memblock_nid_range() instead
    3dd4d87: memblock: Remove memblock_find()
    01f4bff: memblock: Remove obsolete accessors
    b01b184: memblock/arm: Use new accessors
    6283930: memblock/powerpc: Use new accessors
    51e6c6e: memblock/sparc: Use new accessors
    7c1720c: memblock/sh: Use new accessors
    4967561: memblock/microblaze: Use new accessors
    cb3f592: memblock: Introduce for_each_memblock() and new accessors
    8ccbd40: memblock/arm: Use memblock_region_is_memory() for omap fb
    6617ae1: memblock/arm: pfn_valid uses memblock_is_memory()
    b25a6d2: memblock: Implement memblock_is_memory and memblock_is_region_memory
    2b77abd: memblock: No reason to include asm/memblock.h late
    62c5c92: memblock: Rename memblock_region to memblock_type and memblock_property to memblock_region

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