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SubjectRe: aranym bug, manifests as "ida_remove called for id=13" on recent kernels
Al Viro dixit:

>On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 09:36:32PM -0700, Brad Boyer wrote:

>> > Spot the obvious bug... BTW, why on the Earth does debian-ports m68k tree
>> > use gcc-4.3 with Cthulhu-scaring 700Kb gzipped patch and does *not* have
>> > gcc-4.4?
>> I believe that gcc-4.4 for m68k is being held up by the TLS support patches.

Yes, indeed. I’m working on gcc-4.4 but am stalled because, after
finally getting a kernel to build, it has no support for nfeth.
Finn Thain has kindly provided me with an eglibc+TLS sysroot tarball,
which I can use to bootstrapp gcc-4.4+TLS then Debian’s eglibc+TLS,
once I can boot into an aranym with a TLS capable kernel.

>What do autobuilders use, BTW?

They don’t function at the moment because 70% of the archive is
either outdated or uninstallable on m68k. I’m mainly playing (as
in game) buildd here because of that fact, since I didn’t want
mksh to not show up on all architectures ;-) My goal is to get
cowbuilder working then re-bootstrap enough of Debian/m68k to
get the autobuilders working again.

Mikael Pettersson dixit:

>It's gcc PR41302 which was fixed for gcc trunk on November 4 2009
>in r153890. The patch backports easily to gcc-4.4 and solves the
>test case there (manual inspection using a cross). It also backports

[x] send unidiff

I’ll include that in my gcc build and then forward it to Debian
once I got a working gcc, unless you want to push that to them

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