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    SubjectRe: MSI broken in libata?
    On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 10:11 AM, Tejun Heo <> wrote:
    > On 12/25/2009 06:22 PM, Torsten Kaiser wrote:
    >> As reported in the new MSI support
    >> for sata_sil24 does not work for me.
    >> This is still the same with 2.6.33-rc2.
    >> Why I think, this might be a problem within libata:
    >>  * other drivers can use MSI successful on my system (tg3, radeon, hda-intel)
    >>  * happens both in sata_sil24 and sata_nv
    >>  * the count in /proc/interrupts increases for the MSIs assigned to
    >> sata_sil24/sata_nv, so interrupt delivery seems to work
    >>  * only writing seems to fail
    > How does it fail?  Timeouts?

    Yes, timeouts.
    I posted the error messages in and

    > Also, ahci enables MSI by default if
    > available and works fine on many configurations so I don't think
    > anything in libata core layer is broken regarding MSI (there just
    > isn't anything which can break).

    The system I'm using does not have a ahci compatible controller, so I
    could not compare this.
    (And my other system that is using ahci, does not use MSI for that)

    I just found it suspicious that 3 other drivers (tg3, hda-intel and
    radeon) can use MSI, but both of the libata drivers (sata_sil24 and
    sata_nv) fail in a similar way.

    I did try the patch from Robert Hancock in ,but without success.

    if you need any more information, or have something for me to try,
    please just ask. I did look at the code and the documentation about
    enabling MSI, but did not see anything (obvious) wrong, so I don't
    know what to try next.

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