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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] tpm_infineon: Fix suspend/resume handler for pnp_driver
    Andrew Morton <> writes:

    >> With recent quick review, I found the bug of tpm_infineon. (I don't have
    >> this device, and compile test only)
    > hm. What bug? Is there a bugzilla reference, or do you have a
    > description of that bug? Perhaps the device is not functional after
    > suspend/resume?

    Unfortunately, the thing what I can say for this is small.

    With review, it seems anybody doesn't call pnp_driver->driver.suspend/resume().
    (pnp_bus calls pnp_device->pnp_driver->suspend/resume())

    > This matters because people who are experiencing problems with this
    > device will want to know whether this patch is likely to fix them
    > (although that'll be pretty obvious in this case).
    > It also matters because people (ie: me) will want to know whether the
    > bug is sufficiently serious to warrant backporting the fix into earlier
    > -stable kernels.

    I guess it might be tpm_infineon can't suspend/resume properly. However,
    with it, I don't know what happen actually. (it might be, tpm can't
    verify the security issue on suspend/resume process? or can't wakeup
    from tpm? or spend power? or other?)

    > Is the patch actually needed in earlier kernels? It applies cleanly.
    > When did this pnp_driver->suspend/resume requirement come about?

    With quick search, I found commit 1b8333b02aa281a2849331ad62ee595c46a1c5ac.
    It converts tpm from pci to pnp, and start to use

    But, I'm not sure there is the actual user of
    pnp_driver->driver.suspend/resume() at that commit time.

    >> PNP driver must use pnp_driver->suspend/resume anymore.
    > I assume this text should have read "PNP driver must use
    > pnp_driver->suspend/resume.".

    OGAWA Hirofumi <>

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