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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] Increase maximum Infiniband HCAs per-system
     > Justin Chen discovered that Linux "only" supports 32 IB cards in
    > a single system when testing a larger system with 40 cards and
    > discovered that OFED only reported 32 HCAs.
    > This patchset doubles the number of HCAs allowed per system in a
    > backwards-compatible manner.

    Looks like a really great start, some nice cleanups as well the added
    functionality. I've been meaning to use pahole for a while...

    Have you considered drivers/infiniband/core/user_mad.c and ucm.c? I
    think user_mad.c is somewhat more important, as that is what allows an
    adapter to be used for running the SM. So I think we're still left with
    some potential issues around lots of adapters in one system. (I think
    use of ucm by real apps is minimal to nonexistent, but someday we should
    deal with that too)

    - R.

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