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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ata: Disable NCQ for Crucial M225 brand SSDs
2010/1/27 David Rees <>:
> So my concern is that you're proposing to black list NCQ for all users
> of those particular models of SSD when it's more likely at this point
> that it's a problem with your specific setup.

Yes, a valid concern. I guess I didn't delve more because it's working
fine on my copy of Windows 7 RC (on the same hardware) with no sign
of error logs and pretty much the same perf as Linux with NCQ forced off.

What I can do personally is plug in my SSD into my tablet PC sitting next
to me and do a few more tests and get back to you all - it could be a couple
of days. I know its still just one user (me) reporting though.

FYI I had posted on the manufacturer's website/forums (quite active with
a lot of owners) and got NO response indicating there aren't too many
Linux users with this model - again "can't prove a negative" sort of way.

In any case, the workaround (should anyone face this issue) is to simply
add " libata.force=noncq " to the kernel boot options.

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