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SubjectRe: infiniband limit of 32 cards per system?
* Roland Dreier <>:
> > I'm guessing that it's not just a simple kernel fix though since
> > OFED has to change too, right?
> Dunno about OFED. Nothing sane is hard-coding major/minor numbers
> though -- so I think OFED should be OK, asuming there are no crazy
> scripts that bypass udev creating device nodes etc.


> I don't think that it's _totally_ trivial in the kernel -- we
> do need to add some code in several places to allocate dynamic
> device numbers when we run out of the static allocation
> (probably best to keep the legacy device numbers for "small" <
> 32 adapter systems, since there may be really small systems
> with static hard-coded /dev etc).

I take it this concern is what prevents us from simply increasing
IB_UVERBS_MAX_DEVICES to 64 or something?


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