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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 1/2] Fix 1 untangling ima mess, part 2 with counters
    OK, this stuff is in for-next, with the following changes:
    * nfsd call has been moved to nfsd_open()
    * patches reordered
    * masking irrelevant bits (i.e. leaving only MAY_{READ,WRITE,EXEC})
    has been taken to ima_path_check(); all callers do it and it's safer that
    way anyway.

    Please, see if it's OK with you in this form; other calls of dentry_open()
    are separate story, we'll have to see which ones should and which ones
    should not get ima_path_check(). Do you have any other problems with that
    one? If not, it's going to migrate into for-linus and into the mainline;
    this stuff is definitely 2.6.33 fodder.

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