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SubjectRe: gpio_keys and how PXA27x sets gpio_set_wake() (was Re: sharp c-3000 aka spitz: fix warn_on introduced in 2.6.32-rc1)

2010/1/26 Stanislav Brabec <>:
> Eric Miao wrote:
>> > The problem affects gpio_keys: It is a driver implementing "one key per
>> > gpio". It now handles On/Off and lid switches on Zaurus. Lid switches
>> > are on "normal" GPIOs, On/Off switch is wired to PKWR capable GPIO.
>> Ain't On/Off switch one of the matrix key? And so SPITZ_GPIO_KEY_INT
>> could be used to handle that?
> No. On/Off is connected directly to GPIO 95. Other keys use strobe/sense
> matrix keypad.
> SPITZ_GPIO_KEY_INT is a bit unspecific. I think it means: Charger was
> inserted or key was pressed or On/Off was pressed.

This seems to be true. At least they used the same design on tosa and other

With best wishes

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